Keeping Your Content Secure Everywhere: My AIIM 2007 Presentation

I gave the following presentation yesterday at AIIMexpo 2007 in Boston: Keeping Your Content Secure Everywhere: Even Outside The ECM Repository.

There were some great questions and I enjoyed the discussion we had during the session. One question came up that was telling for the ECM and content management industry. One of the audience asked if there were any industry standards around rights management or enterprise digital rights management. Unfortunately, I had to answer that there were not. I think everyone in the room concluded that this is an area that of interoperability standards that needs to  be addressed.

Note: For RSS only readers, click through to the post and you can view the slides within the BetterECM post using the SlideShare viewer that WordPress now supports. Really cool 🙂

Thanks to everyone who attended.

Oh yeah, now you can download the slides from Very cool.

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Seven New SharePoint 2007 Document Management Features Series: Part 4

Here is Part 4 of my series “Seven New SharePoint 2007 Document Management Features”. The next new document management feature is:

Protecting Documents Outside The Repository:­ Documents can be protected outside of the DM repository (e.g. when someone downloads a file to their laptop) when the administrator sets an Information Rights Management (IRM) policy on the library. When the document leaves the library the content is encrypted and a set of rights (e.g. controlling only viewing, printing, or expiring a document for viewing after a certain time period, etc.) and will only be unencrypted once the user is validated and the specific operation requested is approved.

The following article, “7 New Features That Enhance Security in SharePoint”, discusses this functionality in greater detail.

Seven New SharePoint 2007 Document Management Features Series: Part 2

As promised, here is Part 2 of my series “Seven New SharePoint 2007 Document Management Features”. The next new document management feature is:

Granular security with inheritance: Document libraries now support item level security with full inheritance. Security on a the Library is inherited by a Folder. The security set on the Folder is inherited by a Document.

Not providing this capability was one of the biggest criticisms of SharePoint 2003. Security could only be set on a Library and all documents had the same security as that of the Library. That is now resolved.

Additionally, SharePoint 2007 now supports a pluggable authentication model. Each authentication zone can have a pluggable, custom authentication provider in addition to the default support for Windows Basic, Digest, NTLM, Forms, and Kerberos authentication methods. The following article is rather technical but provides detailed information on this new capability: “Configuring Multiple Authentication Providers for SharePoint 2007”.

MOSS 2007 Security, Compliance, Server Hardening, and IP Protection Resources

Joel Oleson just posted a great set of resources over at the Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Team Blog which lists Webcasts, other Blog posts, presentations, and white papers and other content which cover different security topics on Office SharePoint Server and WSS v3. I am a regular reader of Joel’s Blog and he is always a good source of SharePoint information. The following is the link to the post.

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