What Will Leadership Look Like in 2030?

One of my good friends, Thornton May, has an interesting article: What Will Leadership Look Like in 2030?

It is an interesting question so I thought I would share what I think leadership should look like in 2030.

I think leadership needs to change over the next 14 years, but not in a way that makes it more remote or technologically enabled. True, some leadership functions, like Board meetings and interactions between management and directors can be virtual, but I think the day-to-day leadership of teams and companies need more hands on personal interactions.

If you agree, as I do, with John C. Maxwell’s definition of leadership as influence, nothing more, nothing less, then interpersonal interaction between leaders and their followers is needed more for effective influence. One of the ways leaders can make a huge impact on their followers and have great influence is to intentionally add value to them. I have found the most effective way to add value to them is in person not virtually.

Right now there is a leadership vacuum in our companies and organizations globally. Thornton posed the question in the article about how long can it take to train and develop a leader. Most MBA programs are not training leadership. They are teaching management theory and other business related disciplines, but few really teach leadership.

I think with an intentional personal and leadership development program put in place this can happen very fast. A year or two is reasonably possible. I have a mentoring program designed to do just that.

Besides thinking, writing and advising others about information management and information governance, leadership is an area I am equally, if not more passionate about.

I help organizations innovate, transform, and maximize the effectiveness of individuals by helping them improve their ability to lead, work together, select and develop their people.  In other words, I help them become more profitable. It all starts with better leadership.

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