Big Changes For BetterECM

MPj04072330000[1] I alluded to an upcoming change in for BetterECM in my “Where In The World Has BetterECM Been?” post last week.

Well, it is finally time to let the cat out of the bag 🙂

I will be leaving Applied Information Sciences where I was the Chief Technology Officer, Collaboration & Portals at the end of this week.

I will be joining one of the leading global oil and gas companies as Director, Information and Records Management. This new position will be an exciting challenge and will really put the notion of better ECM to the test. Readers of BetterECM will get a close up glimpse of some of the challenges we are facing and the strategies and approaches for addressing some of these challenges.

I have always been an advocate of change for stimulating growth. I think this new challenge and the associated changes (both professional and personal) will be good for BetterECM. My Hope is that over time we will discuss much broader and strategic topics together related to managing information effectively.

Oh, and just to make things even more interesting, my new position requires that my wife and I to relocate to Houston.

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3 thoughts on “Big Changes For BetterECM

  1. Russ-

    Good luck to you and kudos for going out and getting more combat experience. I too hope you continue to blog about what you find!


    Tony Byrne
    CMS Watch

  2. Russ,

    Best wishes for huge successes in your new adventure! I look forward to hearing about what you find interesting, challenging, rewarding, and otherwise in the new position.

    –Daniel Lieber
    Innovative Ideas Unlimited, Inc.