Take a Peek Behind The Curtain – SharePoint and DoD 5015.2: Part 2

Or…HOW Did They Do That?

Well, in this post I will shed some light on how we were able to add the required DoD 5015.2 functionality to the existing MOSS 2007 Records Center.

For those who have not explored MOSS 2007 as a development platform, you should really take a look. MOSS can be extended not only to build pretty rich and robust ECM applications, but to build other business solutions that can leverage workflow and a rich browser based user interface.

I recommend taking a look at the White Paper my colleague Vishwas Lele wrote back in January called: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) as an Application Development Platform.

We were able to leverage the rich features out-of-the-box (OOTB) of SharePoint 2007 and take avatage of connecting and extending those features using only the SharePoint Object Model and native SharePoint 2007 capabilities. Our development team was able to extend, connect, and integrate various out-of-the-box features and functionality, such as:

  • SharePoint Lists and Framework
  • Content types
  • Custom field types
  • Access Control Logic (ACL)
  • Workflow Foundation
  • Integration with Exchange and Outlook
  • Search

We are in the process of creating a Developer Case Study with Microsoft which will describe in detail how the fetaures required for DoD 5015.2 were created using some of the very configurable OOTB SharePoint features along with some custom workflows built on the Workflow Foundation and customizations built on the MOSS 2007 & WSS SDK.

One of the interesting features of the DoD 5015.s Records Center is that Records Managers will have workflows avaialable to automate the review of Vital Records, review and approval of Category and Folder Cutoff, and diposition processing.

As soon as the Case Study is published I will post a link to the paper.

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