Buzzing About The EMC Announcement About An Emmbedable ECM Platform

EMC announced the launch of an embeddable enterprise content management (ECM) platform – EMC Documentum® OEM Edition today and my long (over 250) list of feeds I watch is popping with hits about this announcement.

Here is a short list of the posts: EMC Launches “Embeddable” Documentum Platform for OEMs from Gilbane News (Just repeating the EMC press release – no analysis); Documentum|EMC to offer embedded ECM from my friend Alan Pelz-Sharpe over at CMS Watch (at least some speculation about the motivation); and EMC to offer embedded version of Documentum from InfoWorld (a little more in-depth and some quotes from Lubor Ptacek who was on my panel, the Future of ECM at AIIM).

So, the big question: Is this a big deal?

I am not so sure. The cynic in me says that EMC is trying a “Me too” approach to say they provide similar capabilities to Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM for infrastructure repository services. I don’t buy it. EMC (Documentum) is not part of the infrastructure. Documentum relies on infrastructure for their functionality and capabilities and does not replace it.

I would have been much more impressed if they had replaced their repository with Oracle Content DB or with the SharePoint repository and added a set of shared repository services on top (adding additional value) of the underlying repository.

I will reserve final judgement on the significance of this announcement until I actually get to see how an implementation built on top of the OEM platform. But for now, I am still skeptical.

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