Someone From Oracle Must Have Attended The Microsoft WW Partner Conference Last Week

From Peter O’Kelly’s Reality Check Blog:

Oracle singles out five growth areas | InfoWorld | News | 2006-07-18 | By China Martens, IDG News Service

writingLooks like someone  from Oracle was taking copious notes at the Microsoft World Wide Partner Conference Last week in Boston.

The five growth areas line up pretty much with the strategic push by Microsoft as presented by Steve Balmer at his Keynote a week ago:

  1. security (same focus as Microsoft)
  2. content management (same focus as Microsoft)
  3. business intelligence (same focus as Microsoft)
  4. grid computing (sort of a similar focus if you look at the HPC initiative by Microsoft)
  5. enterprise search (same focus as Microsoft)

Hmmm…I guess I should pay more attention to some of the attendees that are franticly jotting down notes next year when I attend WWPC 2007.

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