AIIM Conference & Expo 2006 Day 1: Great Future of ECM Session

I kicked off the conference today by attending John Mancini’s keynote "The State of the ECM Industry" bright and early at 8:00am. John reported the results of the latest State of the ECM Industry survey: Moving from Why? To How?: The Maturing of ECM Users. The session was well attended and most of the results were consistent with previous years. The biggest surprise to me was that compliance slipped to #4 on the list of priorities for ECM implementation business drivers. Improved efficiency, reduced cost, and better processes were more important to the respondents of the survey. It looks like the participants recognize that they need to address compliance but the bottom line is the primary driver.

I moderated the panel discussion with Microsoft, EMC, and Oracle at 10:15 AM on "The Future of ECM". The session was packed (probably 125 -150 attendees) and I thought it went well. Some of the feedback after the session was very positive. One of the things I learned from Rich Buchheim was that he is seeing vendor consolidation within large organizations as a big priority. Also very interesting was that all three panelists agreed that the growing number and increasing maturity of Open Source based ECM solutions was a good thing for the industry and would spur innovation. It was interesting that Oracle was quick to note that they are buying up some of the Open Source companies. Maybe all the kids will play nice in the ECM sandbox. 😉

As I promised here are the two presentations:  "The Future of ECM" and "Office 2007 as a Compliance Framework" that I presented in the Microsoft Booth #1001 in their Solutions Theater.

More from the show tomorrow.

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